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Now available from JGY:

JGY-Sleeves for all SR's

After years of using other manufacturers' sleeves during many of our SR builds, we had enough. Many of the competitors' sleeves have some good features and some have good price points. But all of them lacked in one aspect or another. Not one set had all of the features we wanted and needed for building some of the best SR's out there. We decided to design our own with all of the features the world's best SR sleeves need... and at a price point that can't be beat!

This enables the engine builder to choose from a piston size of 85.5mm (smaller than stock) up to a 94mm. (we suggest no larger than a 92mm due to the constraints of the SR block and not our sleeves even though some engine builders go larger). Notice in the photos below how the lip of each sleeve actually overlaps the adjacent sleeve so that when you do a finish on the block surface, you actually can achieve a greater block to head sealing surface than factory... thus enabling you to bore larger than in the past using the *other guys'* sleeves.

If you are considering sleeves for your SR, whether it be for strength, longevity, or to increase the bore safely past what a stock SR can hold, it's an easy choice to use JGY-Sleeves... designed and used by the top SR builders out there.

Also available to customers that may have only damaged one cylinder

$63.60 per sleeve

Brand new JGY SR Sleeves! Any and every size bore available!

SR20DET block bored and JGY sleeved.

Here you can see how the sleeves overlap the bore for more head sealing surface area than what you could get factory

The best way to start the best build is with the best sleeves.
(pictured above is a 2.3L stroked out SR built in-house at JGY)

Contact: You can reach us at (276)782-9100 or by e-mail at sales@jgycustoms.com.